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The Best Uncrackable Super Encrypted Phones 2022 Anti Interception Devices

A lot of people, are under the wrong impression that they can find out there an unhackable smarpthone that will provide you the most secure form of communication, data storage and data transfer.

Well, the answer is simple: there is no system out there that cannot be hacked. Of course there are multiple way to prevent it or make the life of hackers extremely difficult, but please make no mistakes about it, there’s no existing system that is totally unhackable.

Partially unhackable yes, for example systems that work completely offline without servers or any internet connection. As long as you are online, and especially if connected to the cellular network, you can be easily hacked.

In addition just look at the news and you will find out how many 'fully encrypted phones' has been hacked. Encrochat and Sky ECC are just two examples.

The way to bypass hackers and try to stay as safe as possible is to base your communications on private communication networks, owned privately by you, that no other party can access, unless you invite them into your network.

It's a special OS ( operating system) , a dedicated communication system, a personal set of encryption algorithms, etc... an entire combination of proprietary technologies, is the effective way to shield yourself from potential hacking attempts .

This is exactly what we do at DigitalBank Vault .

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