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Victims of Cellphone Hacking?

Although any mobile phone users may be targeted, "for those who are famous, rich or powerful or whose prize is important enough (for whatever reason) to devote time and resources to make a concerted attack, it is usually more common, there are real risks to face.

DigitalBank Vault™ uses peer-to-peer [person-to-person]

technology to bring you a safe and secure way of

calling your friends and family.

DigitalBank Vault™ , is the global solution for trusted mobile communications, providing private, real-time messaging, secure voice and conference calling along with encrypted file sharing.

With DigitalBank Vault ™ every message, every call, is protected by high-grade, authenticated, end-to-end encryption.

We believe in everyone’s fundamental right to privacy. Because of that, we do not store on our servers customer data, keys, or copies of private correspondence. Not even for maintenance purposes. We just facilitate communications. What users talk about is not our business.

Our view is that to help users protect their private lives, we need to put them in charge of the process. We give our partners, and our users total control over all functionalities of our apps and devices.

We believe in the fundamental right to privacy for all. And we don’t just say it, we stand for it by developing solutions that enable people to exchange sensitive information securely, protecting their business, reputation, and personal life.

When a person sends an email, the message passes through several points along its journey to the recipient’s device.

First it goes to the server of the email service the sender uses. This server forwards it to a DNS server which identifies the server of the recipient’s email service and forwards it in the latter’s direction. Then, at last, the message is sent from that server to the recipient.

Regular email services, like Gmail for example, provide in-transit encryption (also known as link encryption) for user’s messages.

This means that all the data and metadata is encrypted in-transit

between any two of the points described above.

However, the message is decrypted at every stop because the servers have to know where to forward it next.

Our encryption protocols mean no-one can trace you whilst you are online and our peer-to-peer systems mean that there is no trace when you are done. It's the fastest, the most secure file share today .

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