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WARNING 2022 : All Encrypted Phones like #Encrochat are now coming with an integrated Back Door.


If you are looking for a real solution to secure your confidential communications, be careful ! Nowadays all encrypted phone providers are leaving in purpose a back door so that in case authorities needs to verify exchanged information on your account, they will be able to to it easily and remotely.

Why is that? No players on the market, want to be the next "Encrochat" or 'Sky ECC" case ! They make sure that in case there is a need, they can leave the back door open to whoever will present them with a legal request.

This is indeed a good thing, so that encrypted communications cannot be adopted for criminal purposes, but we say that this is a complete SCAM !

How can you call a cellphone " end to end " encrypted , on a military level, while you left the doors wide open.

The moment there is a back door, this door is not open only to legal authorities presenting a court order but also wide open to all potential hackers, especially the state sponsored ones.

So dear encrypted phone providers, STOP SELLING FAKE SECURITY , to innocent users!

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