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Well-known criminal Sjaak Burger arrested after#SkyECC encrypted phone interception. #Encrochat #PGP

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The police retraced Sjaak Burger at the end of 2021 thanks to messages from cracked PGP telephones from the Sky ECC platform. After an investigation, a warehouse in Rijsenhout came into view as a location where firearms were possibly stored. A raid followed on Monday 30 May, in which a large number of weapons were found. These are automatic and so-called sniper weapons and explosives.

The police also found a cocaine laundry with many chemicals and several kilograms of coke and amphetamine. All suspects have been brought before the examining magistrate.

He is seen by the police and the judiciary as one of the leaders of the so-called polder penoze and in recent years has invariably been featured in major investigations into organized crime. In the eyes of the Public Prosecution Service, he also has connections with the Mocromafia and is considered a contact of the infamous Remmers family.

Sjaak Burger is seen as the ‘master of arms’ of the Amsterdam underworld and was convicted in 1994 for manslaughter in a cafe in Badhoevedorp. He himself was the target of an attack in January 2015. Burger was then in a restaurant in Panama, where he was shot in the head from behind.

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