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What is the most secure phone for journalists, politicians and CEOs?

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The sheer nature of any journalist’s work means that an unhackable mobile phone will be paramount in order to safely succeed.

The press has always gone to great lengths to protect the identity of their sources. A journalist’s need for a secure phone that provides private mobile communications is one of the main tools supporting their work.

In some cases, journalists can be investigating a range of high-risk topics including political or corporate corruption or serious criminal activity, all of which means they could be in contact with some extremely dangerous groups.

Journalists can be investigating and researching their report for months or even years, meaning there could potentially be a huge amount of sensitive information gathered on their phone and laptop.

Mobile phones could also contain the names and numbers of sources, insiders and even criminals relating to a wide range of documentation and information including:


Legal reports

Tax documents

Even government memos and reports

Considering the nature and possible content of these documents, it’s easy to see why they would all be highly prized by a hacker looking for financial gain.

What is the most secure phone for journalists?

An unhackable mobile phone solution is the ideal tool to help journalists. The data and information that has been gathered on the phone will need to be securely communicated to authorized people and then stored safely, so they are not exposed and placed in a dangerously compromised position.

Using a secure network along with a secure smartphone handset that provides:

End to end encryption

Wiretap secured

Data stored within each individual app database, each individually encrypted

Journalists need not worry about their investigations compromising their position and safety. It will be one less element to worry about.


Protect yourself from mobile phone hacks unlike Jeff Bezos

Unhackable mobile phones need more than specially designed hardware and software to be effective. There are a number of actions the user also needs to take in order to fully protect themselves from malicious activity.

The first to illustrate the problem of using a popular but significantly less secure mobile phone is none other than Jeff Bezos. It was reported that Bezos was using an Apple iPhone when he was sent a WhatsApp message from a known contact that contained a malicious video file.

Unbeknown to Jeff Bezos, the malicious video file, once on his iPhone, was then able to access his sensitive and personal files and then extract the data out over time.

Having opened the attachment, it activated the malicious file and the hacker was able to begin the reaping of Bezos’ information. Unfortunately for Mr. Bezos, the file was sent by someone that he knew, this meant he was not suspicious of the attachment so felt safe to open it.

Due to the type of mobile phone being used, the hack was successful.

Following on from the technical hack used against Jeff Bezos, the second example of a high-profile hack is that of real estate investor and developer Barbara Corcoran. This is an example of a hacker that had specifically targeted her and had clearly spent time preparing the attack.

The hacker chose a plausible phishing email as their line of attack. By targeting a lower-level employee and ever so slightly changing their email address, they were able to dupe them into transferring a large amount of money into their bank account.

The change made to the email was simply one letter making it difficult to spot. So, although an unhackable mobile phone would not have been able to prevent this type of attack, it shows that everyone must be vigilant, and carefully check everything that comes in and goes out of their inbox.