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Why the DigitalBank is based on an Unbreakable Encryption ?

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

The secret is quite simple : we or you , do not store your private key , anywhere , anytime . Hackers cannot extract your private key because it is not residing anywhere . All other crypto wallets solutions will generate your private key for you and will store your private key encrypted , this is the reason they are constantly hacked .

You create instantly your own private key using our ultra secured encryption device , the private key is generated for a few milliseconds just for signing the crypto transactions and then disappear from the device , permanently .

The concept is crystal clear : the Private Key is never stored anywhere , at any time ,the DigitalBank device generates your private key in an 100% secured way , the same second is needed for approving transactions and then is immediately whipped out from any memory .

At any given time, there are no third parties involved , we never know your private key or store them on servers.

​Remember : There are no ports , no backdoors , no downloads are allowed , nothing is kept on any server , at any given time .

DigitalBank is the only Crypto Wallet that provides a Lifetime Access Guaranteed .

The Security of your Crypto Funds is never, ever , compromised .

If the device is seized or stolen, taken apart and forensically analyzed no data can be retrieved.

All DigitalBank devices provide the user , with the maximum privacy possible , that is a basic legal right of every citizen of a democratic state .

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