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You are easily spied through your iPhone CAMERA

SINISTER software that lets hackers spy on you through your smartphone camera has been uncovered by researchers.

This scary new ‘surveillanceware’ is similar to another piece of spyware called Exodus which was used to hack into both Android and iOS.

The spying software was first spotted in the depths of the Google Play Store.

It has allegedly been modified to attack Apple phones too but the tech giant has taken action and all iPhone users should be safe as long as their phone is up to date.

One version of the software enables cyber-criminals to take photos through the phone camera of hacked Android devices and can also record audio.

It can also reveal the location of victims and steal any saved content on the phone like your contacts list or videos.

It has not been confirmed whether Exodus was targeting specific individuals but attackers have been observed sending phishing emails which encourage people to download malicious apps.

Fake websites designed to look like information pages for mobile carriers called Wind Tre SpA and TMCell led victims to the Google Play Store and advised them to download enterprise apps.

The software is thought to have been under development for five years.

It's best to stick to Apple's official App Store to avoid falling victim to the spyware.

Security firm Lookout has been tracking the spyware and stated: "For the past year, Lookout researchers have been tracking Android and iOS surveillanceware, that can exfiltrate contacts, audio recordings, photos, location, and more from devices.

"As has been previously reported, some versions of the Android malware were present in the Google Play Store. The iOS versions were available outside the app store, through phishing sites, and abused the Apple Developer Enterprise program."

Exodus is thought to have been built by a legitimate firm for lawful intercepting of devices but was somehow modified and used for illegal activities.

Mobile users can try and avoid spyware by being more cautious about any emails they receive, not clicking on mysterious links and only downloading mainstream apps.

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