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Transform any Apple iPhone

or Android Phone

into a fully encrypted cellphone

in just a few minutes!





No Data Stored Anytime .

No Digital Trace Online.


Anti Interception.

Anti Surveillance.

Anti Espionage.  


No Servers involvement.

100% Peer to Peer

Ultra Encrypted Communications. 

Anonymous, Unbreakable, Untraceable, Impenetrable, SuperEncrypted Video/Audio Calls, Instant Messaging, File Transfers. 


Working on all Android Phones, Windows PCs, ChromeBooks, iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMac PCs. No App to Download .

Untraceable Anonymous Encrypted

Voice and Video Calls


Undecipherable Text

Messaging Chat

Ultra Confidential Chat


100% Secure File Transfer

and Storage

Do NOT trust any

encrypted messaging apps,

they are all under digital surveilance

For more information

contact us at


or by Whatsapp/Telegram/Signal 


+372 5734 7873 


All Details Here Below:

Read Carefully all the Info 

Learn How to Create your Own 

Top Secret Encrypted Phone 


Go To & Register Yourself

Click on the Menu and choose "Register"
Your  Registration is Needed for blocking unauthorized users from accessing the communication network, however this is a  100% Anonymous Platform, you can use an anonymous email and username! 

It takes 12 hours from the Registration, in order to fully activate your account.
Only Then, you will be able to start using the network. 
We will send you an email confirming your registration. 

This Peer to Peer Private Communication Network, can be accessed from any web browser, from any device  with internet connection ( smartphones and PCs). 

To give a general idea , is functioning like Zoom or Google Meet, but the difference is that it does not use servers, and all communications are between devices and encryption keys are generated by you, never stored anywhere, and never exchanged with third parties ! 







 You access the Private Network by  
Just clicking on

1. Insert your own "Secret Pass Phrase",  that is something you decide on the spot, and this secret phrase you invented, is creating the "One Time Pad" random encryption keys to the current communication session,  and connects your device to the other party device with whom you communicate and that is using the same exact secret passphrase. This "code name" creates on the spot your own personal, dedicated, closed super encrypted communication network. 

In the sample above, we entered as a pass phrase "Keep100" , of course you can write whatever you want, it's your own private keys to the call. 

Then click on the arrow ,
this will lead you to the communication platform .
You can then opt to mute the camera, in case you want only an audio call
and not a video call. 

Then you can click


How to let your counterparts, you want to communicate with, to join ?

Either you send them a link ( explained below ) or you just pre-share with him, a time when he enters the webpage. Remember that they need to be also registered on the network , otherwise he will not be able to connect.

They need  connect with their username and password ,
then insert the pre fixed secret "pass phrase" you agreed upon, beforehand.  

All communications are Peer to Peer, between your two browsers ( therefore between two devices) , with no servers involvement.

It's SuperEncrypted, end to end, and encryption keys has been generated by you, on a one time basis, at the end of the session, everything is permanently erased, leaving no online trace or any kind of digital trail, anywhere.  No data exchanged is ever stored so that any type of digital forensic tool can ever extract any data from the device .

You can make video calls, audio calls and also send text messages and files , by using the left chat bottom.

You can
send an invitation link by clicking the + button ,

you can mute the audio, or the video,

and by clicking the red bottom on
you can end the session. 

Screenshot (1514).png

1. You use your own devices so that you do not have to trust any thrid party "encrypted Phones" 

2. Peer To Peer Ultra Encrypted Communications, no server involvement, 100% anonymous, leaving no digital trace online or on the device used. 

3. Nothing to be ever installed, it runs on any web browser, it  is "cross platform", it can be used on any device Android, Apple, Windows , covering all PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

4. Encryption keys generated by the user , on the spot, never stored anywhere and never exchanged with the communicating party. The Passphrase that is creating instantly the Encryption Keys, can be changed as much as you want, the best is never use the same passphrase so that you create an OTP Cipher ( One Time Pad Cipher) that is mathematically uncrackable. 

Screenshot (1516).png
What is The Passphrase? Your Pre Shared Secret  

The Passphrase used on the Avvo SuperEncryption system, is not a password, and it does not grant ‘entrance’ to a platform. This is a secret phrase invented by you, that is creating on the spot, with the combination of our algorithm, the encryption keys, used for encrypting and decrypting the communications.

You can change the passphrase as much as you want, each time the passphrase changes, it will create new encryption keys.

So ‘ how does the communicating party get the right passphrases to use for decrypting/encrypting the files exchanged ?

’ This is called in the intelligence community “ Pre Shared Secret”. You need to pre-fix beforehand , a list of passphrases to be used between you.

It can be changed daily, hourly or on every encrypted file exchanged.

How do you fix this pre-shared secret in a ‘secret’ way, without
taking the risk of being exposed?

You can to find ways to convey it to the communicating parties?

There are hundreds of creative ways to exchange passphrases and fix random pre-shared secrets. For security reasons we will not disclose them here, this is classified information we release to the buyers of the Avvo systems.



Thanks for submitting!

STEP BY STEP Guide to securing your top secret communications 

1. Buy a new dedicated device that you will use only and exclusively for the Avvo Network.

2. Never use that device for any other purposes, never download any app, do not use it for any cellular calls with sim cards, just for communicating on Avvo.  Download only a VPN you trust and a web browser you prefer, always use in in "incognito" mode. 

3. Under Settings Block all location settings , block nearby devices connections, bluetooth.

4. For internet connection, create a "personal hotspot' from your online device. Or buy a data SIM ( internet only cellular sim card) , you can buy those prepaid with the needs to leave any personal information , they are sold everywhere.

5. . Devices should be locked with strong passwords composed by
letters, numbers, symbols, etc... or by a long passcode( at least a
six digits pin number, preferably 8 to 10 digits )

6. Devices should be always completely shutted down (not on
standby) and turned on only and exclusively when needed for top
secret communications. Reboot few times a day if used continuously.

7. Do not use the devices in proximity to regular unsecured
phones, in case those ones are infected by a spyware, they can
register the voices in the room and even take videos, so that if
you speak on the secured phone and an unsecured phone is
present in the room, all your classfied conversations can be
recordered from the microphones of this infected phone.

Today, almost all the smart devices that surround us have a microphone:
watches, telephones, computers, wireless headphones, etc.
without neglecting the clandestine listening devices embedded in
various objects such as pens, cufflinks, or eyeglasses!

8. Check on a weekly basis for your device updates ( security updates,
operating system updates) and immediately install them.
Settings > General > Software Update

9. DO NOT browse the internet at all, use that browser just for AVVO. 

10. Only use trusted chargers, better not to charge through
cables, only wireless chargers and the ones you bougth from a
relaible source. Never use Charging Stations, not private and of
course not public. Do not borrow chargers from anyone, never. 

11. Don’t ever click on links received in messages, the person you are talking with may send
you a spyware that will infect your device.
Be Extra Careful with shared files. 

12.  IMPORTANT : better to erase your device completely once a week by going to
Settings > General > Reset , then tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Often reset your device, anyway Avvo is not an app you need to re-install, it is just a weblink.

We have more security tips to share, according to the device you will want to use, contact our cyber defense advisors for more details. 

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