The DigitalBank Vault : The World’s Most Secure OS  


Untraceable , Anonymous , End to End Encrypted Voice Calls  


Uncrackable Text Messaging


Ultra Secure & Confidential Email Platform

Undecipherable Files Transfer and Storage 

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault: The World's Most Secure Crypto Storage Solution Fully Insured by Leading Insurance Companies. 


The Only Crypto Custody Solution that guarantees 100% safe Cryptocurrency Inheritance Planning.  

Virtually Impenetrable Crypto Custodial Technology:  no private/public keys used or even stored anywhere else, at any given time. 

Crypto Transactions are generated safely by the user, for a few microseconds, using the combination of our quantum-resistant encryption algorirthms that can be accessed only by the user.

The DigitalBank Encryption Device generating the Crypto Transactions is not storing permanently any type of information.


Transactions can be generated exclusively by the user, on the spot, when needed, for just a few milliseconds, just to sign in the transaction and then disappear permanently from the device.


No Transaction History or Balances or Keys can be ever retrieved by anyone.

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