The DigitalBank Vault ® Encryption Technology is changing the

cybersecurity paradigm   
Encounter the next era in cybersecurity, based on the Science of Emptiness

(​Computer Science Field that is now promoted exclusively by DigitalBank ​)

 Empty data storage systems without encryption keys or backdoors are the ultimate solution to stop forever hacking attacks.


No storage. No Encryption Keys. Nothing to Hack.  

DigitalBank Vault ®​ is presenting a disruptive approach to the cyber defense of the Fintech, Healthcare, Energy and additional industries that need maximum security for their data. 

Ultra-secure data storage systems and advanced encryption devices

are at the core of all that we do at DigitalBank Vault. 
We are a cybersecurity company, providing sophisticated encryption devices and unbreakable cyber defense systems, for the communication and

data storage industries, securing total privacy.  




bank vault

DigitalBank Vault ® provides  ​Military-Grade Anti-Surveillance Encryption Devices​ for ultra-secure anonymous communication (​voice calls & text messaging ​ ) with untraceable file transfers & keyless encrypted storage solutions.  
DigitalBank Vault ® provides impenetrable defensive cyber solutions for Keyless End to End Encrypted, Peer to Peer​, mobile communications.  


 Sold to private clients like CEOs, journalists, activists, politicians, etc. Also to businesses like law firms, accounting firms, private banking, and investment.  
Blockchain-based, end to end encrypted storage solutions

for corporations and institutions.  


Data stored securely and permanently,

on public and private blockchains, encrypted with the ​

DigitalBank Keyless & Undecipherable Technology.  

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