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Anti Interception Encrypted Phones for Sale in 2022

The real Anti Interception Communications Systems are used by leading diplomats, intelligence agencies, foreign ministries , governments, politicians.

Usually those systems are working on private networks and not the regular cellular network. The communications passing through cellular towers are extremely easy to compromise. This is the reason when we see all those 'secure encrypted phones' advertised online, we start laughing . This is such a scam , letting people believe that those cheap modified android phones can actually deliver the same level of cyber defense that military grade anti interception systems are providing to the government level.

In 2022, DigitalBank Vault is starting to supply the real anti interception encrypted phones to the private markets. We prefer to call them " encryption machines or devices" , they do not work on the cellular network, they do not rely on third party's servers or other supporting services, they do not store or share any encryption keys used in the communications, they can work in an 'air gapped' environment ( offline ) and there are additional security features that we cannot list here, that makes them untraceable, unbreakable, impenetrable , anti interception, anti surveillance , and the ultimate anti espionage tool.

For more in depth information, contact us at , for a free and confidential consultation or visit our website: and try for free our demos.

You cannot expect that a generic solution like the commercial encrypted phones that are now offered in the markets, will be enough for safeguarding your most secret conversations or text messaging.

In 2022, the hacking scene is too advanced, and you need to adapt your cyber defense solutions, accordingly.

DigitalBank Vault is providing individual SuperEncryption Systems based on dedicated sets of encryption algorithms assigned to each singular client. The Encrygma SuperEncrypted Communication Network is a secret private network that is built from the basis, for each individual client.

The future of secure encrypted communications is personal, and all under the full control of the user that for reaching top security, needs to rely on any third party provider.

We invite you to try for free, our new SuperEncrypted Communication Network :

No Registration Needed. 100% Anonymous , Impenetrable, Unbreakable, Untraceable Platform that can be accessed from any web browser Google Chrome or Safari , from any device Android & iPhones, and PCs Windows or Mac. Now need to download anything.

Immune to:


Cyber Espionage

Remote Hacking

Spyware Infection

Malware Infection

Forensic Data Extraction

Ransomware attacks

Electronic Surveillance

More information?

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