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DigitalBank Vault ® Secure Communication is the world’s leader in Unbreakable Encryption

DigitalBank Vault ® Secure Communication is the world’s leader in Unbreakable Encryption

Point to point (end to end / device to device) security is thus established, because only trusted devices at each end of the secure communication network are able to decrypt the exchanged data. Only the recipient’s device is able to decrypt a voice, text-chat/SMS or data communication after it has been sent and received.

The full disk encryption, securing your data, files, operating system, and software programs, ensures that even if the device gets in the wrong hands, no information can be extracted from it.

DigitalBank Vault ® was founded on the belief that consumers want more secure, efficient and innovative ways to ensure the privacy of their communications and to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data when being transferred the existing communication networks.​

DigitalBank Vault Calls offers the core functionalities you would expect from a smartphone with military grade security on top and intuitive design, guaranteeing absolute privacy and familiar user experience.

Along with the best protection, we also provide you with the best communication. DigitalBank Vault offers unlimited data internationally without roaming or other fees.

Do you share sensitive information over email? Unless you encrypt your messages, someone might be able to intercept and read them. DigitalBank Vault Secure Email is an app that solves this issue with ultra strong end to end encryption.

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