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#Encrochat: High prison sentences for Berlin EncroChat drug dealers

They did drug deals on EncroChat crypto phones – and made a fortune doing it. They will be in jail for the next few years: Ferhat E. (39) from Tegel for seven and a half years, Galin A. (33) from Reinickendorf for four years and eight months.

The duo was arrested in early December 2021. The trial before the regional court has been going on since June 7th.

The accused made confessions and named backers. “Without this information, the penalties would have been even higher,” the judge said.

EncroChat was long considered bug-proof and was used by criminals. French investigators infiltrated the crypto service in 2020. In Berlin alone, this led investigators to 191 suspects.

From March 28 to June 12, 2020, the two now convicted were also overheard. They dealt in marijuana, cocaine and amphetamines, often in the tens of kilos.

The judge: “The evidence is very good, we can read everything, we don’t see that often.”



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