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#Encrochat Organised crime gang dealt up to £5m worth of drugs and bought firearms


A gang which dealt up to £5m worth of drugs in a substantial commercial operation were discovered after their encrypted chats were cracked by police. The group also bought firearms as part of the enterprise which saw them trafficking class A drugs into south Wales.

Monday the authorities accessed Encrochat devices used by the dealers and revealed conversations between June 6 and 12, 2020, relating to the conspiracy which lasted 13 months.

The group was led by Kuldip Singh Dhillon,and his lieutenant Jay Abdul.

Prosecutor Matthew Cobbe told the court that conversations involving Abdul indicated the group had discussed the supply of up to £5m worth drugs made up of 70kg of cocaine, 30kg of heroin, 96kg of amphetamine and 19kg of cannabis. But the proven financial value of the drugs which had been supplied by the group came to £1.7m.


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