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Katim Phone Alternatives & Competitors by Adam Adler

Updated: Feb 27


The DigitalBank Vault Encryption System

1. Anonymous & Uncrackable Text, Voice/Audio, Video,

Images and Files Messaging

2. Undecipherable FilesTransfer and Files Storage

3. Customized Set Of Encryption Algorithms

for each individual client

You can download the Encryption System directly to the Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac that you are currently using, or buy a new device and

transform it into a dedicated encryption machine that will be always

kept offline for achieving maximum security.









DigitalBank Vault advantages Vs. other 'secure communication devices'

1. One-lifetime fee of $ 5000 USD, No annual subscription fees.

2. Encryption Keys generated by the user only

3. Encryption Keys never stored in the device used or anywhere else

4. Encryption Keys never exchanged with the communicating parties

5. "Air-Gapped" Offline Encryption System not connected to the Internet

6. No Servers involved at any given time, completely autonomous system

7. No registration of any kind - 100% anonymous

8. Unique, Personal, Dedicated Set of Encryption Algorithms for each individual client

9. Includes 20 Licenses to Install, that you can distribute to your network of contacts

10. Working on Android Smartphones and Windows PC

Contact us for additional information at agents@digitalbankvault.com


What types of security-sensitive activities are you going to be using your smartphone for? Are you going to be using the smartphone only for private communications over the web? Are you going to use a SIM card that belongs to a carrier tracking online data and other information? Are the apps you use going to require you to share revealing permissions? Do you need biometric security? Is your smartphone going to be used with a higher focus on privacy or on anti-malware security?

What Types of Mobile Threats Are Out There?

In the volatile and dynamic days of the 21st century, we are constantly fighting against millions of cyber threats on a daily basis. With darknet markets that connect crooks, now it is way easier to hack a smartphone. This dynamic environment has formed several types of threats that attack smartphones, and has also increased the need for the most secure smartphones:

Privacy-invasive apps, that collect sensitive data from your smartphone.

Trojans, directly steal files and passwords.

Mobile Ransomware viruses.

Invasive Adware apps, that also obtain information on what you tap on and can take control of your camera and other hardware.

Big conglomerates and companies and government agencies that have invasive privacy policies and use them to track absolutely everything you do all the time “for research purposes”.


Use Anywhere Leave No Trace ​ Serverless P2P Voice and Video Messaging Untraceable Anonymous Undecipherable Text Messaging Chat ​ Ultra Secure File Transfer and Storage ​ Immune to Digital Forensic Analysis








Created by DarkMatter, the company that advertised one of the most secure smartphones in its early prototype stages back in 2017, the KATIM phone has been in development and testing for over 2 years time and has the best security technologies you can have on a phone to date. According to DarkMatter, it has become quite clear that threats are most likely rapidly expanding and a secure smartphone that is made by none other than cybersecurity professionals can help repel prying eyes. This is why DarkMatter has made a phone that will allow you to have self-destructing messages and even self-destruction of the device itself if tampered with. When we reviewed this phone, we were stunned by the sheer amount of security technologies it is packed with to secure your communications as well as internet usage, guaranteeing it the first spot as a newcomer in our 2019 security comparison.

KATIM’s Specs

KATIM’s most secure smartphone has a Precision machined 7000 series aluminum housing and features a Carbide Gray color. The device is 74.6 mm wide and 151.2 mm long with a 8.5mm thickness and is ran by KATIM™ OS, a hardened version of Android. The display of the phone is 5.2 inch IPS LCD with a capacitative touch screen and 16m colors. The device has Corning® Gorilla® glass 5 with diamond-like carbon, also known as DLC. KATIM’s shooter is a 12 MP main camera with a 6-lens structure and a Dual-Led dual-color flash. For its front shooter, you will get a 5 MP front camera, which is quite decent for one of the most secure smartphones. The connectivity protocols are all standards of 802.11 Wi-Fi plus the MU-MIMO protocol. The memory of the KATIM phone is 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM and a 64GB UFS 2.0 storage. It has external memory card support for it’s crypto card, which is running on microSD technology. The phone has an ok battery for its the price, meaning that with average usage, the 3800mAh li-ion accumulator can last you up to two and even three days, and when it runs out, you have the power of the Qualcomm® Quick Charge™. If you have Buttons and Connectors fetish, the KATIM phone can help satisfy it, having a combined lock and power button, capacitative Home button with a built-in fingerprint sensor, a shield mode switch, that automatically shields the device from prying eyes, capacitative buttons for Back and Recent apps, and a 3.5 mm audio connector. What surprised us is that this phone is quite rugged as well, with an IP67 certification, making it waterproof and dust-proof, but do not go ahead and throw the phone in walls and do not try running it over with your car.

KATIM’s Privacy

To guarantee the privacy of its users, DarkMatter has tested a new type of technology, calling it SHIELD MODE™. Its main goal is to secure top-secret meetings and it works together with the device’s LOCKED MODE, which disables Microphones, Cameras, motion sensors, and Bluetooth to enable you to have a piece of mind. Another interesting feature that is added towards privacy is the Secure Boot with a protected bootloader, which is a must for security smartphones. In addition to this, the Device has encrypted storage for keys, that further boost eavesdropping protection by encrypting all data on the smartphone, even the IN and OUT data. But this is by far not all, since the device has remote management as well, which allows you to monitor it, provision it, audit the device, de-activate it from distance, wipe it, lock it, and white and blacklist apps which you do not want running in order to allow you to retain full control of this device. To keep you private, KATIM has also set its mission to educate you and train you on how to use your phone, not just hand it to you and expect you to know everything. They also offer an optional service to operate your KATIM phone from a Dark Matter Command Center in order to keep its privacy top-notch all the time, without you having to waste your time worrying about it.

KATIM’s Security

Besides platform integrity, DarkMatter has also set up Two-Factor user authentication using advanced secure fingerprint verification. And to boost the security from smartphone spyware, they have added End-to-End encryption that encrypts transit data as well as fixated data on the device. The encryption continues with the adding of security certificates that are unique for the specific KATIM device and they authorize only the device to boot-up and operate the policies and software by trusting only the authorized root with this certificate. These roots are not on the smartphone as they are given to you or a secured Crypto Card which is bound to your smartphone platform. This crypto card can be removed from the device and when this happens, it makes the device unusable. This is the core competence that makes the KATIM smartphone the best in terms of security in our informed opinion, or in other words, a top choice in the search for the most secure smartphones.

Furthermore, to additionally boost the security of your Smartphone, KATIM has a Multilevel Tamper Protection and Intrusion Detection, which guarantees that no break-ins happen on your smartphone. KATIM has also made several private applications that allow KATIM devices to communicate most securely – its own messenger for voice, video, and chat, its own Engage™ app for sharing content and its private E-mail service for encrypted e-mail communication to even external e-mails. And all of this for the price of around $800 makes us say “Good job, KATIM”.

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