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The DigitalBank Vault ® Private Messaging device

The DigitalBank Vault ® Private Messaging device enables you to share any media privately, using the most comprehensive set of encrypted sharing media available. Photos, videos, audio/voice, text chat/SMS and data files are encrypted and can only be read by the recipient on another DigitalBank Vault trusted device .

Unlimited secure calls

All devices include unlimited secure calls over Wi-Fi. There are no per-minute or monthly charges.

Unlimited secure messages

Organize secure conference calls with several participants. DigitalBank Vault conference calls are peer-to-peer, mixed on your handset without the involvement of a central conference server, which maximizes your security.

New Contacts are added by using their unique DigitalBank Vault® ID, and Private Groups (from one, to an unlimited number of participants) can be created with the full security of knowing all exchanges are encrypted and private.

Live as-you-speak voice call encryption to prevent hackers from gathering information on the contact details and identities of participants. Private calls, text chat/SMS and data communications are fully encrypted for each message or session.

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