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Communicate Securely Anytime, Anywhere:

Anti Interception, Anti Surveillance

& Anti Data Eavesdropping Technologies

With the widespread and accelerating use of unsanctioned consumer messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) apps within organizations, the risks to business communications have never been greater.

Confidential discussions by voice and text are increasingly vulnerable to eavesdropping and are being stored on networks and servers that are completely outside

of organizations’ visibility and control.

Combining military-grade security with the ease of use of a consumer app,

DigitalBank Vault™ Encryption Machines, requires no user training or configuration, ensuring fast

and easy deployment, user acceptance, and adoption across the enterprise.

With DigitalBank Vault ™ Cipher Machines,

you can trust that confidential

mobile communications remain 100% anonymous.


DigitalBank Vault™  is an industry leader in delivering multi-layer strong encryption

for voice, video, instant messaging, and file sharing.

How safe are your mobile calls and messages?

Mobile Phone Calls and Messages are Vulnerable to Attack.


Many organizations and individuals falsely trust the safety and security of making calls and

sending and receiving texts from their mobile devices.


However, there are a number of critical vulnerabilities inherent with mobile phones and mobile networks that put our personal privacy and organizations’ confidentiality at risk.

Understanding and preventing these risks are critical to protecting your business,

your employees and your clients and customers.

Our goal is to ensure that privacy is accessible for the many and not the few.


We want a world where people can be trusted and are able to remain in touch across

all corners of the globe, anywhere, anytime.

We are giving you that power. We want to preserve privacy and safeguard communication.


The DigitalBank Vault One Time Pad Keyless Encryption Technology

is end-to-end, from start to finish.

Nobody will eavesdrop and know what you are talking about.

With our peer-to-peer communication combined

with unbreakable One Time Pad, end-to-end encryption,

we can guarantee that no one can listen in on conversations and cannot hijack content.


The DigitalBank Vault ™ has acquired the trust and confidence of agencies, corporations, governments around the globe and is the international market leader in secure mobile communications. We are constantly growing our range of solutions – with the focus on superb usability and the highest level of security, available on cutting-edge software and hardware.


As a global leader in secure mobile communications, we develop and supply highly secure and encrypted smartphones, mobile encryption machines and and data communication solutions. Our DigitalBank Vault ® Encryption Machine help governments, companies, and any other organization with the need to make highly secure forms of communications


We offer comprehensive security services to protect our clients from any

electronic eavesdropping attack.


With the DigitalBank Vault ® Cipher Machine,

your smart devices remain as convenient as ever – but benefit from the highest level of security worldwide!


DigitalBank Vault®  is the world leader in anti-eavesdropping solutions for

top secret communications.

No other supplier in the market equips more leading companies and CEOs with bullet-proof secure communications.


The Protection of Your Secrets is our Mission!


DigitalBank Vault®  is the Fort Knox of secure communications

Ensure employees can secure their files transfers and the video,

audio, and text messaging between them.

To make encrypted calls,  employees generally have to be sitting at their desks using a secure landline.

In our mobile world where everything is time-sensitive, that’s just not viable anymore.


With DigitalBank Vault ® Mobile Cipher Machines,

 employees can be truly mobile and make confidential

and secure communications anywhere at any time.


Whether economic prosperity, political stability, or national security is at stake,

it’s a capability that can make all the difference.

Companies end users aren’t necessarily technology experts – nor should they have to be.


If secure communication technology is cumbersome or hard to use,

employees may revert to making calls on unsecured lines,

or give up the ability to make secure calls while out of the office.


The DigitalBank Vault Encryption Machine is extremely easy to use,

easier than using an email. 

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Anti Interception Encrypted Phones

Secure Communications Have Never Been So Mobile

DigitalBank Vault® Cipher Machine

  is designed with efficiency in mind.


DigitalBank Vault® takes this technology to the next level,

by fully encrypting your data and mobile voice communication while providing the

same great level of access as conventional smartphones and tablets. 

This allows you to keep your communications secure and edit documents safely

in the knowledge that they are protected from prying eyes.

With DigitalBank Vault ® Mobile Encryption Machines,

you can work on the go,

as well as send and save confidential data securely

and make your mobile communications secure as well.

With the technical and financial barriers to electronic eavesdropping at an all-time low,

call tapping is happening at an alarming rate.

Government organizations have come to realize that their employees aren’t always at

their desks when they need to exchange classified or private information.


If you share confidential information using your smartphone or over conference calls,

you need to be sure that your communications aren’t being tapped.


That’s where the DigitalBank Vault®  comes in.

DigitalBank Vault Cipher Machines

keeps voice and data communications secure.

It protects you on the go against threats to local and national security.

You can securely share classified and confidential

information on the latest commercial mobile devices.

The DigitalBank Vault® Encryption Machine

ensures that employees can be truly mobile

and make private, anonymous, and secure messaging. 

Whether economic prosperity, political stability or national security is at stake,

it’s a capability which can make all the difference.”

DigitalBank Vault ® One Time Pad  Keyless Encryption Technology

DigitalBank Vault ® provides mobile communications solutions that provide

secure multimedia messaging among an enterprise’s users offering:

DigitalBank Vault ® is a Zero- Trust

& Zero-Knowledge Communication Solution 

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Encrypted Phones Anti Interception On Sale


Never compromise on your enterprise communications.

DigitalBank Vault® Encryption Machines,

uses the highest grade encryption techniques

to allow the user to voice, video, text messages,

or send files with the highest confidence available today.

Do you want to be able to share confidential information securely anywhere and over any network? 

DigitalBank Vault®  is easy to use, fast and the users will quickly adapt

to a new and simpler way of handling any sensitive business information.


The DigitalBank Vault®  has no servers 

DigitalBank Vault® Cipher Machine

protects your voice, video and data communication

against hacking, wiretapping, and an interception.

A reliable secure mobile network can expand beyond government usage.

Organizations within the private sector such as energy companies,

financial services companies, medical and pharmaceutical companies—any industry that deals with sensitive data—rely on discrete networks to carry out their business.

DigitalBank Vault® personnel are a mix of developers from the elite military cyber units,

hacking experts, and telecom veterans, ensuring cutting-edge technology,

and future-ready mobile security solutions.

Organizations are developing a complete dependency on mobile devices to perform

and consume on-going services – anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

As a result, they are exposed to new security threats and risks, including tampering

with the communication channels and penetrating the device.

We offer your company the security and peace of mind that your corporate information is safe

and secure with an unprecedented level of protection against digital threats

in this age of information and communications.

Be Smart, Safe & Secure in this new digital frontier.

If data security is a concern and intellectual property theft a high priority

then DigitalBank Vault® can help with your corporate smartphone security.

Lower your business risks, secure your corporate data and protect your client's confidentiality








The ability to securely enable seamless dataflow and information access is a critical prerequisite for efficient operations and strong business development. Paired with the know-how, extensive experience, and commitment of our employees, our solutions for critical IT and communication security play a key role in our mission to strengthen the stability and efficiency of society’s most important functions.


Enhancing the mobility and flexibility of your organization without compromising the confidentiality of information is a challenge. A smartphone is a great working tool, but smartphones are also increasingly operating in an environment where the security of data is constantly being put to the test. Not only does the versatility of the device itself create a risk of exposure to threats such as malware and interception, but misconfiguration and other user mistakes can also have severe consequences, and information may end up in the wrong hands.


Hacked devices can also lead to the disruption of services across an entire organization, resulting in substantial costs, both directly and indirectly.

With DigitalBank Vault ® Encryption, you receive a secure mobile workplace—a platform that helps to meet the challenges associated with security and performance when it comes to mobile scenarios, secure and efficient communication with colleagues, and secure and simple access to organizational tools and data.

DigitalBank Vault ® Encryption Machine

 is designed to withstand hacking and interception attempts from the most resourceful parties in the world.


Advanced phone integrity and encryption that ensures secure calls, as well as the protection of stored information, make it one of the most secure mobile systems currently available.

With the DigitalBank Vault ® Cipher Machines, you receive a secure mobile workplace—a platform that helps to meet the challenges associated with security and performance when it comes to mobile scenarios, secure and efficient communication with colleagues, and secure and simple access to organizational tools and data.


Security is a top priority for government organizations when choosing mobile technology.


Leveraging our enterprise-grade security, DigitalBank Vault ®  creates

 a unique and highly customized platform

that manages and protects the most sensitive and confidential information.  

Advanced device integrity and encryption that ensures secure communications,

as well as the protection of stored information,

make DigitalBank Vault ® one of the most secure encryption systems available today.

DigitalBank Vault ® has been developed to facilitate the rapid and simple transfer of large amounts of classified information, up to and including TOP SECRET classification.

The DigitalBank Vault® provides Mobility and flexibility to those handling

high-level classified information.

For government authorities and defense organizations, the ability to communicate

quickly and securely is of critical importance.

By using products that have been assessed and approved by industry-independent security authorities for compliance with the high-security standards required, you can communicate classified information while remaining confident that only the intended recipients will gain access to the information.

DigitalBank Vault ® has been developed to provide mobility and flexibility to those individuals and organizations handling high-level classified information. It has been designed to resist attacks from any source, including intelligence organizations of foreign states, making it the optimal choice for foreign missions and government organizations at a ministerial level.

Unique interoperability features allow DigitalBank Vault ®

to enable secure communication across nations and organizations

and between security levels while ensuring the integrity of each security domain.

DigitalBank Vault ® Mobile Cipher Machine

  has been designed to guarantee availability anywhere,

anytime—in an office environment, in the city or out in the field,

on board a vessel or in a bunker.


It offers the flexibility to connect through fixed or mobile networks and working also offline

Enhancing the mobility and flexibility of your organization without compromising

the confidentiality of information is a challenge.

A smartphone is a great working tool,

but smartphones are also increasingly operating in an environment

where the security of data is constantly being put to the test.


The versatility of the device itself creates a risk of exposure to threats such as

malware and interception and information may end up in the wrong hands.

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The DigitalBank Vault®  philosophy is that security needs to be made easy enough to be usable.


The most secure system is simply not useful if it is so complicated nobody is willing to use it. 


With DigitalBank Vault ® Encryption Machines,

users handling highly sensitive information

can safely take advantage of the very latest mobile technology.

DigitalBank Vault ® provides proactive control and strict enforcement of security policies,

effectively reducing the risk of malware, hacking,

misconfiguration or unauthorized usage of the phone if it is stolen or misplaced.


Through this integration, DigitalBank Vault ® also enables a defense-grade,

secure enterprise workspace designed to separate,

encrypt, and protect data from attackers.

DigitalBank Vault ® is the world’s most secure encryption system for organizations.


It protects you from eavesdropping, malware, data breaches and any attempts

to hack or tamper with your mobile communications and data.

We have a solution that meets the unique mobile security challenges of your industry. 


Leverage the power of a comprehensive purpose-built portfolio

to drive high-security mobility for your organization.


Safely exchange sensitive medical information protected against unauthorized users. 



Deploy confidentiality, and productivity essential to your success.



Protect your secretive information from cybercriminals and unrelated personnel.


Best-of-all-worlds high-security information management


The DigitalBank Vault® Patented Technology provides a unique fusion of multiple encryption technologies, vulnerability management, anomaly detection, code emulation, and intrusion prevention - to defend mobile devices and communications from advanced cyber-attacks like-no-other.

The DigitalBank Vault® Encryption Machines 

keeps you protected all the time.


Its capabilities far exceed the capacity of the alternatives on the market:

Eliminates the most major mobile security breaches 

Minimizes cyber-attack surface to the extreme

Provides the most comprehensive eavesdropping-resistant feature-set

Ensures always top-secret communication between connected devices


The DigitalBank Vault®  integrates from the very beginning security,

privacy, and trust in its purpose-built device.


It delivers a trustworthiness factor that facilitates risk-free mobile communication

within contained communities and secretive organizations.

The DigitalBank Vault® Cipher Machines protects you from eavesdropping, malware, data breaches,

and any attempts to hack or tamper with your mobile communications and data.


It enables you to establish and enforce the best-of-all-worlds mobile device security and compliance framework to match your specific enterprise mobile security requirements.

This high-end communication device is built from the ground up to provide you 

with the ultimate defense against mobile cyber-crime.


The new wave of threats is turning enterprises to be both a target of cybercrime

and a conduit of attacks directed at their employees.

Mobile devices remain soft targets of cybercrime, forcing secretive

organizations to apply a more holistic strategy.

They need to create a zero mistake environment.


It means diminishing the attack surface,

leaving nothing for the user judgment,

eliminating in real-time security gaps left by components,

and being proactive.  



DigitalBank Vault®  Encryption Machine is the ultra-secure place to share

anonymous and encrypted files easily from anywhere, anytime. 

Secure work from anywhere

Work seamlessly across offices, and on the road without giving up on security.

Upload and access your encrypted files with zero-knowledge encryption, on the move. 

DigitalBank Vault 's automatic, built-in end-to-end, one-time pad encryption safeguards confidential documents from unauthorized access and guarantees that only you have access to them.

DigitalBank Vault®  encrypts every file on your devices before they are uploaded to the decentralized cloud applying the Advanced Encryption Technologies developed by us. 


Zero-knowledge privacy means that no one, not even DigitalBank Vault ®,

can look into the content of your files.

Only you and those whom you decide to share with can access them.

Non-Convergent Cryptography

Only a few providers offer end-to-end encryption, but by using so-called convergent cryptography they sacrifice confidentiality to save storage space. The non-convergent cryptography used by DigitalBank Vault®  makes it impossible to determine when your content matches others’ content in the cloud, which could leak valuable data about you to outside observers.

We encrypt everything to know nothing.

We create secure, zero-knowledge apps that empower people to take control of their data.

Our end-to-end encryption protects the information in the cloud from everyone.

We address the connected world challenges and provide organizations with risk-free and

highly secured mobility. We value privacy as a human right.

We’re committed to protecting our users’ privacy and full anonymity.


We believe that the right to privacy is fundamental in the digital world,

both for individuals and businesses.

We put people at the center.

We believe that secure tools should seamlessly fit into workflows.


Our goal is to keep the DigitalBank Vault® as simple as possible

so that people can stay secure without having to learn new ways of doing things.

Award-winning security

Zero-knowledge means we can never read our users' files.


End-to-end encryption guarantees that any information,

personal data, intellectual property,

or confidential business files stay private and secure.

Ensure eavesdropping immunity

Eliminate security breaches:

Controls access points and provide contained voice and messaging communications.



We believe privacy and security are universal values that cross borders.

Inclusion and diversity are core company values.

Secure Your Communications with DigitalBank Vault® 

100% Anonymous Communication -Protect Your Privacy

No personal information or registration is required to use the system. 

Your privacy comes first.

We are scientists, engineers, and developers working

to protect civil liberties online.

Today, we help users secure their private data online.

Privacy is a fundamental human right.

Your support helps us to protect privacy worldwide.

Zero Access to User Data: Your encrypted data is not accessible to us or any third party

DigitalBank Vault 's zero access architecture means that your data

is encrypted in a way that makes it inaccessible.


Data is encrypted on the client-side using an encryption key that we do not have access to.


This means we don't have the technical ability to decrypt your messages and as a result,

we are unable to hand your data over to third parties.

The DigitalBank Vault Encryption is autonomous and working offline, not connected to any servers.


With DigitalBank Vault ®, privacy isn't just a promise, it is mathematically ensured.


For this reason, we are also unable to do data recovery.


If you forget your passphrases, we cannot recover your data.

Totally Anonymous: No tracking or logging of personally identifiable information

To protect user privacy, DigitalBank Vault® does not require

any personally identifiable information to register.

Even your communication with non-DigitalBank Vault users can be secure

Easy to Use: Comprehensive Security for Everyone

We created DigitalBank Vault®  because we found that none of the existing secure

communication services available today are sufficiently secure.


However, a secure service like DigitalBank Vault cannot improve the security landscape

if it is so difficult to use, nobody can use it.

From the start, we designed DigitalBank Vault®  with a strong emphasis on usability.


As a result, DigitalBank Vault®  is very easy to use.


There is nothing to update, and no encryption keys to manage.

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