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Anonymous Meaning according to DigitalBank Vault

Anonymous Meaning according to DigitalBank Vault

What is the real meaning of Anonymous when speaking about CyberSecurity?

Anonymity is one of the best methods for defending yourself and your company, from aggressive cyber attacks.

Being digitally anonymous means to conceal your identity while using online networks. The definition of anonymous from a cyber defense point of view can be explained in one sentence only: go dark, become invisible and your cyber attackers will not be able to identify you and therefore attack you.

Think about this: storing encrypted databases on anonymous servers.

When we say ‘encrypted’ databases, we speak about the‘ keyless encryption’ technology developed by DigitalBank Vault laboratories.

And by the way "Keyless Encryption" is also based on some form of anonymity, because the encryption system remains anonymous too.

It’s an encryption system without encryption keys.

Encryptions keys are not stored anywhere, not on the devices used and not on any server. This is actually like an anonymous encryption system.

The Anonymous definition related to the DigitalBank Vault Technology is basically one: become invisible, go dark, use anywhere, leave no trace. If you keep those anonymity rules, it is very hard to become a target of cybercriminals.

You cannot hack what isn’t there,obviously.

The Science of Emptiness is now changing the cybersecurity paradigm.

The emptiness of databases and storage systems is the real solution to stop hacking attacks and data breaches.

Do you want to learn more about how to become invisible to hackers?

Do you want to really secure your databases?

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