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#Encrochat Fugitives Unmasked in Dubai with New Identities

Most Wanted Criminals Exposed: Encrochat Users Unmasked in Dubai with New Identities


The world of crime has witnessed a significant shift in recent times, with criminals adopting sophisticated technologies to evade law enforcement. One such case that has shaken the global law enforcement agencies is the use of encrypted phones like Encrochat by notorious criminals. These elusive fugitives, primarily UK and European gang leaders, have successfully disappeared into the shadows, hiding in the opulence of Dubai, under new identities and Portugal passports.

Encrochat: A Haven for Criminal Communication

Encrochat, an encrypted communication platform that once prided itself on providing secure communication channels, became a sanctuary for criminals. Its popularity soared amongst those involved in illicit activities, as they believed their conversations were untraceable. However, authorities in various countries collaborated to infiltrate and dismantle the network, leading to the arrests of numerous high-profile criminals.

Criminals Fleeing to Dubai:

In a desperate bid to escape the tightening grip of law enforcement agencies, several high-ranking gang leaders fled their home countries and sought refuge in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), particularly in Dubai. Known for its luxurious lifestyle and lack of extradition treaties with many nations, Dubai has become an attractive destination for fugitives looking to evade justice.

New Identities and Portugal Passports:

One of the key factors aiding the criminals' successful escape to Dubai was their ability to acquire new identities and genuine Portugal passports. These documents allowed them to seamlessly blend into the cosmopolitan crowd, rendering them virtually unidentifiable. The process of obtaining such passports might have involved forging documents or exploiting legal loopholes, highlighting the need for stronger global collaboration to combat transnational crime.

The Palma Connection:

The turning point in the hunt for these fugitives came from an unexpected source residing in Palma, Spain. A former Encrochat user, perhaps disgruntled by the criminal lifestyle or motivated by a sense of justice, decided to reveal the whereabouts and new identities of the most wanted criminals to law enforcement authorities. This invaluable piece of information helped the international task force narrow down the search and initiate extradition requests to bring these criminals to justice.

The International Effort:

The pursuit of these criminals has become a collaborative effort between various countries' law enforcement agencies. The European and UK authorities, along with Interpol and Europol, have joined hands to track down these elusive fugitives and secure their return to face the pending charges in their home countries.

The Impact of Encrochat's Demise:

The demise of the once-popular Encrochat encrypted phone network has dealt a severe blow to organized crime. With the veil of security shattered, many criminals have been exposed, leading to their arrests and dismantling criminal networks. However, it has also led to an influx of criminals fleeing to countries with lenient extradition laws, posing new challenges to international law enforcement cooperation.


The use of Encrochat encrypted phones by criminals created a false sense of security, allowing them to carry out their illegal activities without fear of detection. However, through the determination of law enforcement agencies and the assistance of a brave informant, the locations and new identities of several most wanted criminals hiding in Dubai have been revealed. As the pursuit for justice continues, this case underscores the importance of international cooperation in tackling global crime and emphasizes the need for stronger measures to apprehend and prosecute criminals who exploit technological advancements for their nefarious gains.

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