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New Encrochat Encrypted Phone 2021

Are you looking for a new version of the Encrochat Encrypted Phone? Well, as you may know, Encrochat is out of business for a while already. The Encrochat servers has been hacked by the authorities because a large number of users were criminals.

We are more than sure that not all 60,000 users left without a service, were criminals of course. Probably 20% of them, but what about the rest of the legit users that are composed of CEOs, VIPs, Royals, Celebs, Lawyers, Accountants, Journalists and many more people that wanted to enjoy full privacy and secrecy?

We are here to help those 80% of legit users, that seek total privacy. Just think about reporters that are investigating corrupted politicians? They need absolute secrecy over their communications and files transfer, and in case the information they have in their hands will be compromised, they even can get killed.

Look at all the victims of the NSO Group Spyware Pegasus, in what dangerous situations they have been put through just because they phone has been hacked and all the communications has been intercepted.

Privacy is Priceless and you have the legal right to defend yours.

We will happy to help you achieve total secrecy over your confidential communications, over your sensitive file's transfer and file storage.

Go Dark. Use Anywhere. Leave No Trace

Try for 30 days ( free of charge) the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption System . Transform any Android device or Windows Laptop into an Unbreakable Encryption Machine

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