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Turing Phone Alternatives & Competitors

Updated: Feb 27


The DigitalBank Vault® Technology is a world-leading cyber defense solution for securing total privacy over Text Voice & Video communications, including ultra-secure file transfers and storage.

We provide cyber defense solutions against the new communication's interception challenges in today's highly dynamic cyber battlefield.








DigitalBank Vault advantages Vs. other 'secure communication devices'

1. One-lifetime fee of $ 5000 USD, No annual subscription fees.

2. Encryption Keys generated by the user only

3. Encryption Keys never stored in the device used or anywhere else

4. Encryption Keys never exchanged with the communicating parties

5. "Air-Gapped" Offline Encryption System not connected to the Internet

6. No Servers involved at any given time, completely autonomous system

7. No registration of any kind - 100% anonymous

8. Unique, Personal, Dedicated Set of Encryption Algorithms for each individual client

9. Includes 20 Licenses to Install, that you can distribute to your network of contacts

10. Working on Android Smartphones and Windows PC

Contact us for additional information at agents@digitalbankvault.com


The DigitalBank Vault Encryption System


1. Anonymous & Uncrackable Text, Voice/Audio, Video,

Images and Files Messaging

2. Undecipherable FilesTransfer and Files Storage

3. Customized Set Of Encryption Algorithms

for each individual client

You can download the Encryption System directly to the Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac that you are currently using, or buy a new device and

transform it into a dedicated encryption machine that will be always

kept offline for achieving maximum security.


No Encryption Keys are permanently stored on your device or anywhere else.

Nothing can be ever extracted.

No Information is compromised at any given time.

Forensic analysis will retrieve Zero information from the user's device.

Impenetrable solutions for secure mobile communications

No Servers Involved ​ No Encryption Keys Stored ​ No Related Data Stored on the Device ​ Zero-Knowledge Technology ​ Keyless Encryption by DigitalBank Vault® ​ Untraceable Anonymous Encrypted Voice, Video Messaging Undecipherable Text Messaging Chat ​ Ultra Confidential 100% Secure One Time Pad Encrypted File Transfers ​ Customized Encryption Set of Algorithms for each individual client


The Turing phone is not a cheap device, but it has remained to be among the best security-oriented smartphones we have ever seen. It has several features that provide it to deliver security that is very difficult to match by its competition, even though the phone is becoming a bit outdated.

Turing Phone’s Specs

Turing phone can communicate via a single Micro SIM card and it delivers performance with a powerful 2.5 GHz quad-core CPU, which is enough for most people. The device has 3 GB RAM and it can last you up to two days with an average use with it’s 3000 mAh battery. The OS powering it is called Sailfish OS and is a completely custom OS that runs smoothly on a 1080×1920 resolution. For storage, you are a bit limited with only 16 GB, but these phones compensate with the 8MP front camera and 13 MP rear camera as well. Not what we have hoped for a price of around a thousand bucks, but the phone is security-oriented after all, so we can easily forgive it and proceed to explain about the awesome security features this device has hidden in store for you.

Turing Phone’s Privacy

Created by Turing Robotic Industries, the brave device started out with a modified Android, but they did not believe that the phone was secure enough. So they have went ahead and improved their security with the Sailfish OS. It originates from a Finnish tech company, called Jolla. The phone uses a MicroSIM and it can establish a connection via GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G technologies securely without lagging. The Turing phone has also been made in order to be focused primarily on protecting information that is stored in the device from any possible cyber-attacks that may occur. This is where their custom Sailfish OS comes in. It is Unix-based and it takes its roots from Linux, but the OS is also combined with something known as Mer core stack. This makes the smartphone secure by design since this is also the sole principle of Linux as an operating system as well. And since the company aims to have long-term customers, they have focused on creating their devices to be rugged, but also light. Furthermore, for privacy, they have also chosen their own custom connector, which significantly reduces the chances of the device being hacked even if you have physical access since all of the connections pass through this port.

Turing Phone’s Security

In terms of security, the phone has Sailfish OS on its side – it is Linux-based and the operating system also relies on gestures instead of buttons which is a unique approach in terms of being secure. Furthermore, the UI of the phone is closed source and cannot be easily accessed so that coders can learn it, whereas the Sailfish OS itself is an open-source one, making it available for programmers to find bugs and fix them. Another security feature is that you can use your Turing phone for porting as well, since you can achieve porting via a virtual drive with the help of which, you can implement the SKD of Sailfish OS and conduct port activities. This SKD and the software for porting can be installed on a range of third-party devices which means that business users are the ideal customers for this device.

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