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Encrochat Phone Alternative by Adam Adler (Cyber Warfare Advisor)


ADAM ADLER: Encrochat is out of business? Need an Alternative to the Encrochat Phone?

Need an ultra-secure form of communications?

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The Encrochat phone was totally not secure, from the very beginning. Remember one thing: as long as your device is using the cellular network, you are completely exposed. Encrochat used cellular communications.

Make no mistakes about it, as long as you buy a subscription to a secure communication service and this service is provided through a server, you are totally exposed. Encrochat used servers as you know, those have been hacked!

Remember this: who is creating your encryption keys? Encrochat did!

This is the real issue: why you have to trust a third party in order to create your encryption keys? They can give it to whoever they want, their workers can access the encryption keys whenever they want...this is not a safe way to handle your confidential communications.

Take into consideration that whoever creates your encryption keys, they are also managing your keys. This is what Encrochat did. Their customers just blindly trusted them for creating their encryption keys and managing them!

Totally unbelievable. And by the way, did you know that the entire “encrypted” information on Encrochat phones, was easy to extract with different extremely simple forensic software solutions.

Are you looking for a real alternative to Encrochat Phone?



With the DigitalBank Vault Encryption System, you can now transform any Android Device into a Government Grade Encryption Platform. 

The best advice is to buy a fresh new Android smartphone, without inserting any Sim card, just connect it to the net, download the DigitalBank Vault Encryption System, and one more email app such as Protonmail, and you are set to go. 

This dedicated Android device should remain always offline, and you connected it to the internet only and exclusively for importing or exporting already encrypted files. 

All the encryption and decryption process must happen offline. 

The moment the files are encrypted, you can then get connected and send the encrypted file through Protonmail or other apps we will recommend you. 

If properly used, you have in your hands a powerful encryption platform that is at the same level as the top classified encryption systems used by Governments and Armies.


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The DigitalBank Encryption Systems are working totally offline, without servers, the user is creating the encryption keys, we as a company doesn’t have any connections to the encryption systems. We do not hold any encryption keys, and encryption keys are never stored on our devices.

You cannot retrieve any type of data or information from the DigitalBank Vault Encryption Devices, no matter what digital forensic tools you will use.

Encrochat was based on a totally unsecured technology. They sold a lot of devices because the buyers received guarantees about the confidentiality of the phone and promised false security.


Adam Adler is a serial entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience all at top-level management and ownership. Primarily investing his own capital and building brands from the ground up. At the early age of 4, Adam began his tennis career at the world-renown Rick Macci Tennis Academy in South Florida. Adam remained a highly ranked Junior Tennis player for his entire junior career. Once completing high school, Mr. Adler received a scholarship to play tennis at the University of South Carolina and graduated in 2007 Magna Cum Laude from USC, double majoring in Sports & Entertainment Management and Business. While at USC, Adam began his career by developing a patented algorithmic software as the base for his social networking company, Ultimate Social Networking Inc (USNI), and developing Ultimate College Model, seeing this to acquisition. Adam’s love for completion never waned. Adam began playing poker in his free time and quickly became entrenched in the game, studying hours a day. Adam traveled around the country playing in some of the highest stakes No Limit and Pot Limit Omaha cash games in the world. Adam has made multiple World Series of Poker Final Tables, with his most notable finish coming in 2018 with a runner-up finish in the$10,000 Turbo Event. Adam has won millions of dollars in both cash game and tournament poker over the last 15 years. Adam’s second venture began with assembling a team of the best molecular scientists, mostly Merck and Amgen biochemists and formulators, and building out a multi-million dollar, 30,000 sq. ft. FDA/cGMP approved facility in Oxnard CA. This is where Adam’s passion for biotech really began. His sports background allowed him to take this brand and bring in global icons around a strategic marketing plan activating the world’s most iconic athletes and celebrities. Adam developed this revolutionary technology in 2009. Using sublingual, buccal mucosal, and transdermal absorption directly to the bloodstream, by-passing the GI tract, Adam’s company Fuse Science completely changed the way consumers receive vitamins, electrolytes, nutrients, and medicines. Going direct to the bloodstream, bypassing the GI Tract, the platform technology was a game-changer. Adam self-funded this company privately for over 2 years, developing the product line and securing the IP. As Chief Executive Officer, Adam grew the company rapidly, seeing its market cap increase from $500,000 to over $100,000,000. Adam put together one of the most impressive lists of athlete partners on the planet, signing Tiger Woods (including the rights to his bag for 5 years), Andy Murray, Tyson Chandler, Paul Pierce, Big Papi David Ortiz, Jose Bautista, Arian Foster, Paul Rodriguez, and many others. Adam’s deep-rooted relationships with the world’s top athletes and celebrities are his core group of friends along with business partners. Adam's handpicked a Fortune25 management team, hiring the President of SC Johnson, CEO of Footlocker, Chief Scientific Officer for Johnson & Johnson, Clinical Director at Merck, Head of Duke Sports Medicine, and had over 100 employees. Adam brought Daymond John and Shark Branding in as partners as well. Adam has placed products in over 100,000locations, including Walgreens, CVS, Sports Authority, Dick’s, Duane Reade, 7-11, GNC, Walmart, Target, Costco, Vitamin Shoppe, and many others. Mr. Adler is currently managing The Adler Fund, investing in real-estate emerging growth companies with a focus on cybersecurity, cannabis, and biotechnology.

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